Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the pet supplement company. If you do not find the answer to your question below please contact the team and one of our technical advisors will be more than happy to help.


General Questions

How can I be sure of product quality and manufacturing?

We aim to provide customers with veterinary strength, quality formulations supported by researched veterinary backed ingredients.

All of our products are manufactured to the highest GMP standard, production and quality control, with validated product quality and formulations developed to ensure label claims are met. 

Where can I buy The Pet Supplement Company products?

Our products are vet exclusive so only available in authorised veterinary practices. Products can be purchased over the counter without a prescription. Our products are not available to buy online or direct from wholesalers

Do you offer free samples or trial packs?

We do not offer samples or trials of our products. We believe in our products and want to pass on that saving to the customer and keep the retail cost down to make our products affordable.

My pet has issues with compliance and will not take tablets, are your products easy to administer?

Yes all our products have been designed with easy administration in mind, we have different formulations available depending on the product.

We have tried to formulate products either in capsule form, liquids, gels or pastes with tasty flavourings to help with compliance. 

Do the products require any particular storage conditions?

We advise our products are stored in a safe dry place out of direct sunlight and kept sealed once a product has been opened to exclude moisture. All best before and batch numbers are printed usually on the base of all products.

How long will products last once opened?

Our Products have long shelf life’s with all the best before and batch numbers usually printed on the base, providing the product is stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Are the pots and tubs recyclable?

All of our plastic pots and lids can be recycled without any special consideration (their plastic-type number will be on the base/underside of lid), as long as they are clean.

You may also need to check with your local recycling centre or curbside collection service, as they may require labels to be removed, but most do not.

Are the syringes recyclable?

The syringes are five assembled components; featuring HDPE and LDPE plastics, as a result they will need cleaning and separating before recycling.

To find more about which type of plastics can be recycled in your area contact your local council. 

How can I tell which type of plastic the packaging is?

A good tip for checking to see if you can recycle any veterinary packaging is to look out for the plastic type number which is in a triangle, this number corresponds to a type of plastic. For example, a number 2 is HDPE, high-density polyethylene.

Using this information you can then determine if your council collect the plastic via curbside or local recycling centres.  

Joint Pro

How long does it take for Joint Pro to work?

With Joint Pro it tends to show results in as little as 2 weeks but gradual improvements can be noticeable after a few days,  but it can take longer depending on your animal, so we would advise allowing for at least 60 days to see benefits.

How many Joint Pro tablets will my pet need?

Administration of Joint Pro is dependent on a pet’s weight. Your vet will be able to advise how many tablets your pet will need, or you can find administration information here.

Can Joint Pro be given to puppies and kittens?

Yes it’s safe to be used from an early age. This can be given from the age of weaning and we recommend giving capsules rather than tablets as it would be hard for them to chew.

Why do you supply both GLM Joint and Joint Pro and which should I pick?

We want to offer customers a choice, as some customers may prefer formulations with Green lipped muscle, whereas our Joint Pro Formulation looks to cover all of the key ingredients.

Why should I use the Joint Pro Formulation?

It covers all the key ingredients, it combines high levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, two proven natural anti-inflammatories and three anti-oxidants, for a multi-fascinated approach.

It aims to support damaged joints and maintain cartilage and synovial fluid integrity.

How do you administer Joint Pro?

Joint Care is supplied in an easily divisible quadrisect tablet, which are easy to administer to pets.

The tablet can be given whole, divided and given as a treat or the tablet can be crushed and sprinkled into or onto the animal’s food. 

What is a loading period?

The loading period lasts 4-6 weeks, to ensure that the active ingredients in Joint Pro reach beneficial levels. This is based on scientific studies which have been carried out to assess the amount of Joint Pro needed to achieve maximum efficacy for all active ingredients. Once the loading period has finished the number of Joint Pro tablets your pet receives daily can be halved. This is sufficient to maintain beneficial levels of Joint Pro’s active ingredients long term. 

I have already completed a loading period of my current joint supplement, do I still need to complete a loading period of Joint Pro?

If you are switching from one of the following brands, you don’t need to complete a loading period. Nutraquin+, Synoquin, Seraquin, Cosequin or YuMove.

GLM Joint

What is GLM?

GLM stands for Green Lipped Muscle, it is a nutritional supplement taken from a type of a type of mussel native to New Zealand. It contains omega 3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory and joint protecting properties.

Is GLM Joint Safe for Cats?

We recommend using our specific GLM Cat product, with sprinkle capsules designed for compliance, as the capsules are made from Gelatine they can also be given whole.

Will GLM joint be palatable for my cat?

We make GLM Cat with fussy felines in mind, which is why it’s in a capsule form. If a cat does notice it has been added and is extra fussy, we recommend to very gradually introduce it to their food until they get used to it

How do you administer GLM Joint?

The GLM Joint tablets for dogs are liver flavoured, in a chewable tablet which can be given whole or broken into food.

GLM Joint for cats are sprinkle capsules, but these can also be given whole 

Are there any contraindications of Joint products with antibiotics or pain relief medication?

All of our Joint products are safe to use alongside other medications and there are no known contraindications.

Why should I use the GLM Joint Formulation?

Choose this formulation over Joint Pro, if you want a blend of green lipped muscle, glucosamine and antioxidants.


Can this product be mixed with food?

Yes, it can. Depending upon what works best for the pet, the product can be mixed with food or given directly into the mouth in accordance with the directions for use on the product label.

What sizes is this product available in?

We have 3 different sizes available.

Small (15ml), Medium (30ml), and Large (60ml).

These come in calibrated syringes making administration easy for any size cat or dog.

What is Enterococcus Faecium?

A probiotic aimed to increase the level of helpful bacteria in the guts microflora.

What age can this product be given from?

This product can be given from the age of 8 weeks old.

What animals can this product be given to?

This product is suitable for cats and dogs.

How long should this product be given for?

This product is ideal for short term digestive upset and therefore we recommend that this product is used for around 2-3 days unless advised for longer by a veterinary surgeon. For long term or chronic cases of digestive upset we would recommend our bentonite clay product.

Can this product be given to a pregnant or lactating pet?

Yes, this product is suitable for use in pregnant or lactating pets. However, we would always recommend using our digestive products with caution and under the guidance of a veterinary surgeon in any pregnant or lactating pet.

How long will the product last once opened?

Once opened, the product can be used until the best before end date which can be found on the syringe base.

Allergen Information

Yeast: Yes, this product does contain yeast and therefore would not be recommended for any pet with a known yeast allergy.

Wheat: No, this product does not contain wheat.

Soya: No, this product does not contain soya.


How does this product work?

Our formulation contains soluble and insoluble fibre which supports normal digestion in cats and dogs. Providing enough fibre in a pet’s diet helps support normal digestive function, balance levels of water in the intestines and firms up faecal matter. Another reason for supplementing with fibre is it reduces the need for anal gland emptying as it increases natural expression

What are the benefits of Soluble and Insoluble Fibre?

Your pet needs a good mix of soluble and insoluble fibres in their diet to keep their gastrointestinal system healthy.

Soluble Fibre: Dissolves in gastrointestinal fluid and helps your pet feel fuller for longer

Insoluble Fibre: Remains unchanged through the digestive tract preventing constipation

What age can this product be given from?

This product can be given from the age of 8 weeks old.

Can this product be given long term?

Yes. This product is designed to support normal digestive function and can aid dogs with the natural expression of anal glands, therefore, it is suitable for long term daily use under the recommendation of a veterinary surgeon.

How is this product administered?

As this product is a powder, it can easily be added into the pet’s food using the scoop provided in accordance with the weight table displayed on the label.

Can this product be given to a pregnant or lactating pet?

Yes, this product is suitable for use in pregnant or lactating pets. However, we would always recommend using our digestive products with caution and under the guidance of a veterinary surgeon in any pregnant or lactating pet.

Allergen Information

Yeast: Yes, this product does contain yeast and therefore would not be recommended for any pet with a known yeast allergy.

Wheat: Yes, this product does contain wheat and therefore would not be recommended for any pet with a known wheat allergy.

Soya: No, this product does not contain soya.


What is Bentonite Clay?

Calcium aluminosilicate is a geological nanomaterial that absorbs bacterial enterotoxins and increases the reabsorption of water in the gastrointestinal tract. This is a form of bentonite which makes up 100% of our bentonite powder. It is a heat sterilised bentonite, smectite clay powder with an 80 micron particle size which improves dispersion in the gut and therefore onset of action. It is thought to increase reabsorption of water in the gastrointestinal tract resulting in treatment of acute and chronic diarrhoea disorders.

How long should this product be given for?

The product is ideal for chronic cases of digestive upset or diarrhoea, and therefore can be given long term.

How is the product administered?

To administer the product, a small scoop is included in the pot to aid with dosing and the powder simply sprinkles onto food.

What age can this product be given from?

This product can be given from the age of 8 weeks old.

Can this product be given to a pregnant or lactating pet?

Yes, this product is suitable for use in pregnant or lactating pets. However, we would always recommend using our digestive products with caution and under the guidance of a veterinary surgeon in any pregnant or lactating pet.

Allergen Information

This product can be given to pets with allergies, as the only ingredient in this product is bentonite clay. Therefore, it has no fat content or allergens. However, we would always recommend seeking guidance from a veterinary surgeon before using any product on a pet with allergies.


How does this product work?

Aims to promote increased levels of neurotransmitters involved in reducing anxiety and a calming , it only mimics what happens in food but at much high level (the best examples is Tryptophan, which can be found in turkey or cheese).

How long does each administration of Calm last?

On average, Calm capsules last around 18 hours, however this can be dependent on the individual circumstances, situation and the severity of their anxiety.

How soon will I see the results of Calm?

On average, Calm capsules work within 1-2 hours, please see the administration levels for your pet. Whilst the benefits of Calm are fast acting it is beneficial to start administering Calm the day before the desired effect is required.

Is it safe to give my pet calm long-term?

Many pet owners use Calm for one off stressful events, such as vet visits, travelling, kennel stays or fireworks night. It should not be used as a long term solution. If your pet is continuingly showing signs of stress or anxiety you should seek veterinary advice.

Can Calm be given to puppies and kittens?

It is advised that you don’t start giving supplements to puppies and kittens until after the weaning stage.

How many Calm capsules will my pet need?

Administration of Calm is dependent on a pet’s weight. More information can be found on the product pages.

Are there any known side effects from using Calm?

No, Calm takes the edge off, resulting in a more relaxed version of your normal pet. There are no known side effects from using Calm.

Can Calm be used on rabbits and other small furries?

As the product packaging only highlights its use for cats & dogs, we advise that you seek veterinary advice before administering Calm to your rabbit or other small animals.

My dog wears a calming collar can I use this at the same time?

Calm Liquid is ideal for combining with a calming collar (or diffusers/sprays) as they work in different ways. Using them together provides support in multiple ways as the ingredients work differently to support calming.

My dog has pancreatitis and is not on any medication just a strict low fat diet, would it be safe to give these?

Yes, Calm is safe to use in a dog with pancreatitis, in general you want to avoid flavoured supplements with this condition and Calm is unflavoured.

Why is GABA not used in the Calm product?

GABA can be found in a number of calming supplements, however The Pet Supplement Company choose not to use this ingredient. GABA is a neurotransmitter that blocks impulses between nerve cells in the brain.

Low levels of GABA may be linked to anxiety or mood disorders, epilepsy and chronic pain.

Can I use Calm if my dog is pregnant?

We advise that you consult your vet before administering any supplements to your pregnant dog.

Can Calm be taken alongside other medications?

We advise that you seek veterinary advice as certain medications may interact and cause harmful effects.

How do I use Calm?

Directions for use can be found on the product pages ofour website. Alternatively, these can also be found on the product label. How much you give your pet will depend on their weight.


What is milk thistle?

Milk thistle is a flowering herb related to the daisy. Silymarin is derived from milk thistle plant and has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

What are the benefits of milk thistle?

Studies have found  Silymarin helps support the liver and mop up free radicals providing extra help and reduced the work load of the liver, and can help protect liver and kidney cells from the toxic effects of drugs.

When is it suitable to give a pet a liver supplement?
  • If a pet is on medication which as a side effect can cause liver damage eg. NSAIDs
  • If a pet has consumed something toxic and there liver needs time to repair
  • To help treat inflammation of the liver, biliary duct or other internal organs.
Can I use Liver alongside other supplements?

Liver is usually given with food and can certainly be given with other supplements. As long as you only give other supplements on the quantities recommended on the label. We would always advise consultation first with a Vet.

My dog is already on this supplement recommended by my vet for increased ALT (alanine aminotransferase) levels would it be safe to also give milk thistle?

Liver already contains milk thistle derivative. You will not overdose by giving an additional milk thistle supplement but your dog may not gain any extra benefit. However, it is safe to give both if you would like to try it.

Are there side effects from my animal taking liver?

Liver is a supplement so there are no listed side effects as such. Any adverse reactions are rare and similar to those related to food, such as diarrhoea, vomiting or signs of an allergy.


What are the key ingredients in Omega and what are the benefits of its use for my pet?

Omega has high levels of EPA and DHA. Omega 3 acids are important to help reduce inflammation in pets skin and improve overall coat health.

It also beneficial not just for healthy skin and coats but also

  • Help reduce inflammation
  • Help support your pet’s cardiac function
  • Help boost your pet’s immune system
  • Help reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction
What is the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 in this product?

Dogs and cats require omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in the diet because they cannot produce these essential fatty acids on their own. You often find with commercial diets/ pet foods there is often an incorrect ratio when it should be in balance. We have kept the ratio of omega 6 low to counterbalance this extra omega 6 from the diet, and instead supplement high doses of omega 3.

My pet is allergic to fish is this product safe to use?

Although the oil is filtered, we do not recommend giving this product to animals with known fish allergies.

Can this product be given to pregnant or lactating animals?

No evidence to suggest products would cause problems during pregnancy however we do not actively recommend it.

How long will this product last?

This product has a long shelf life and good molecular stability as the product is cold pressed so it will not oxidase or damage. Batch numbers and expiry dates are always found on the base of the product.

Why doesn’t this product contain Flack seed like many other products what is the benefit of using a marine source of Omega?

Flack seed is a non-marine source and has lower levels of EPA/DHA and it takes longer to permeate the cell membrane.

Why isn’t this product in capsule form like other brands?

When in capsule form the levels of EPA/DHA can be much lower and limited. Our product can deliver high doses in liquid form. 


How does this product work?

Stress can adversely affect the integrity of the bladder lining in cats. Our urinary product N-acetyl glucosamine and hyaluronic acid, key components of the protective GAG layer which lines the bladder wall, helping to improve the comfort of your cat.

Why does this product contain calming ingredients?

Calming ingredients have been added due to link between stress and urinary cases. 

How many capsules will my cat require?

Administration is dependent on a pet’s weight and dosed accordingly.

How long does it take for the product to take effect?

You should start to see benefits in your pet within two weeks (which is the loading period), after this point you may be able to start reducing the dose. The calming element of the product should be effective within a couple of hours.

How is this product administered?

The product is available in sprinkle capsules which can be opening up and sprinkled into food or can be given whole, hidden in a tasty treat if required.

Can this product be given long term?

Yes it can be used safely long term.

Can you mix with water?

If possible its best to give the capsule whole or opening and mixed with food, as you have to ensure if the product is mixed with water that your pet takes the entire dose in one go.

Can this product be given alongside other supplements?

Yes the product is safe to be given alongside all of products in our range, apart from calm.

As this product also contains anxiolytics we would also recommend stopping any other calming supplements for the period of use that are known to increase the levels of serotonin.  Urinary contains L-tryptophan which is a serotonin precursor. Please speak to your vet for further advice.

What is the youngest age I can use urinary from?

We advise use in cats from 6 months of age.

My pet is taking antibiotics can this product be given at the same time?

Yes it can be given at the same time, there are no adverse side effects or contraindications.

Can this product be given to a pregnant pet?

It is not recommended to use Urinary during pregnancy or lactation. While the use of L-tryptophan in pregnant animals has not been documented, pregnant and lactating women are advised to avoid L-tryptophan supplementation. Therefore we recommend talking to a vet and taking great care when it comes to pregnant animals.

Will the product alter the pH of my cats urine?

No the product has no effect on the pH of urine, or bladder stone formulation or dissolution.

Can I give this product to dogs?

Yes this product can be used in dogs, the only difference would be the number of capsules given per weight.

The recommended dosage for dogs would be:

Weight:         Capsules per Day

0-5kg           1

5-10kg            2

10-15kg           3

15-20kg          4

20kg+          5

We wouldn’t recommend using any other calming supplements alongside this product.


When should I use this product?

Always after consultation with a vet. We would recommend the use of this product after a blood test that indicates the potassium levels. Low potassium is known in renal failure and this product aims to increase the potassium levels. The product is targeted for cats, as they seem to be more sensitive to renal issues than dogs.

Can this product be purchased without a prescription?

This product can be purchased over the counter without prescription however it is only suitable only for pets that have been diagnosed with low potassium from a vet.

How much should I give my pet?

A typical starting amount is 2ml per 4.5kg of bodyweight, given 1-3 times daily.  This can be changed for the individual needs of your cat.

If you are unsure, speak to your vet for advice on the correct amount for your cat.

What flavouring does this product come in and how do I know how much to give?

This is a liquid formulation with liver and bacon flavouring. The plastic dropper ensures safety and accuracy in administration.

Can this product be given with food?

Our product can be fed directly via mouth or added to food.


How does this product work?

Petroleum Jelly helps to naturally lubricate the cat’s gastrointestinal system, and paraffin helps to prevent hair clumping together, forming a blockage. This dual action system will assist in the removal of hairballs and keep movement through gastrointestinal system.

Is Paraffin Safe for cats?

Lubricant laxatives – these are designed to lubricate the colon and make passage of faeces easier.

As paraffin is listed on a catalogue feed materials, and on the list of approved additives in cats and dogs, this means it is perfectly safe to use.

Can the product be given to a cat daily?

If a hairball is suspected then 1 pump should be given per day until it has been removed.

For general maintenance 1 pump should be given 2-3 times a week. However long term use is best carried out as advised by a veterinary surgeon.

Can you give the product to a constipated cat?

If your cat is prone to episodes of constipation then the maintenance dose can be given to help keep stools loose and prevent the being too hard to pass. Long term use should be advised by your veterinary surgeon, as a healthy cat should not need long term laxatives.

Can the product be added to food?

Can be given directly to food or applied to their paw so as they can lick it off. Whichever the cat prefers.

Is the product safe to give to a diabetic cat?

The product does contain glucose sugars, however they are present at small levels. Furthermore because its laxative it would fine to give diabetic cat as the product is not being digested, the sugars would just pass through system.

How long does it take to take effect?

It should be effective almost straight away, if vomiting occurs immediately after giving the product it may have rendered the dose ineffective, if a hairball is still suspected a second dose can be given.

Can this product be given to kittens?

Yes it is safe to use in kittens but only once they have stopped weaning, we also recommend contacting your veterinary surgeon as constipated or vomiting kittens may require further treatment.

Why has Taurine been included in the formulation?

Taurine is a type of amino acid. An essential amino acid which needs supplying in the diet. It isn’t stored in the body in large quantities so needs consuming on a regular basis.


What is Dental enzymatic toothpaste?

Dental is a poultry flavoured enzymatic toothpaste toothpaste specially formulated for cats and dogs.

It contains mildly abrasive silica beads alongside an Enzyme System which is designed to inhibit plaque-forming bacteria and enhances the natural defence mechanisms of the mouth.

How does the dental toothpaste work?

The enzymes in our toothpaste use the natural lactoperoxidase system to boost saliva protection in a natural way. These natural enzymes are already in saliva and help to stabilise strengthen saliva’s antibacterial functions.

What is the Lactoperoxidase system?

The lactoperoxidase system is found in normal saliva and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. It protects the enamel by preventing plaque formation and is always efficient as the bacteria will not develop resistance against the enzymes.

What is an enzymatic action?

Dental contains a combination of 5 enzymes that supplement the salivas natural protective mechanisms. These enzymes are lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, isothiocynate salt and glucose oxidase.

What do the Zinc Ions do in the formula?

Zinc ions have a synergistic action with the lactoperoxidase system and as a catalyst in many of the reactions. They also help to bind the sulphur gases emitted from oral plaque.

Zinc is also important in collagen repair and wound healing in animals with gingivitis.

Why does it contain silica beads?

The silica beads act as a mild abrasive that can help to remove plaque.

What flavour is it?

Dental is poultry flavoured and is extremely palatable.

Does it contain Xylitol?

Unlike some toothpastes Dental does not contain Xylitol. It does contain Sorbitol to help with the sweetness and palatability.

What is Sorbitol?

Sorbitol is a low calorie sweetener that has a cooling sensation. It also promotes dental health by helping to neutralise plaque acidity.

How do I use it?

It can be used with or without brushing, however we would recommend just rubbing straight onto the gums and teeth for best results. It uses a bio-adhesive delivery system which sticks to the gums to extend the effectiveness of the toothpaste.

What age can I start using it?

We would recommend the earliest time to start using Dental is once the pet has its adult teeth.


What is your dental fresh product for?

This product is a long term dental product to control bad breath. It is an oral cleansing gel, which works without the need for brushing, to provide an instant fresh breath.

How does dental fresh work?

It neutralises unpleasant smells by transforming sulphur build up in the mouth into tasteless odourless organic sulphates. It also aims to prevent plaque build- up and stimulates gum healing.

What flavour is this product?

The product contains peppermint oil, which immediately helps to freshen the smell of breath.

Can I add this product to water if I struggle to administer this product directly into a pet’s mouth?

Yes you can add the product to your pet’s water bowl and stir until dissolved, for dosage recommendations see directions of use on the main website. We recommend replenishing your pets water bowl with fresh water at least every 24 hours.


Does the product stain the hair in the ear?

No the materials in the product do not stain the ear hair as the solution is colourless lavender scented liquid.

How do I use the product effectively?

It is very important that you clean your animals ears correctly to ensure you don’t damage the ear. Gently rub the base of the ear for 20-30 seconds the soften and release any material. At this point you may want to use the ear cleaner to help the process. Once this is complete wipe a cotton ball or wet wipe around the entrance to the ear canal, moving toward the tip of the ear taking any material away from the ear canal and then gently dry with a towel afterwards.

Can you use this product on puppies and kittens?

Yes this product is safe for use, and is ideal for breeds with large overhanging ears, as they can be more prone to ear problems even from a young age.

Can you use this product whilst an animal has an ear infection?

Regular use of an ear cleaner can usually be beneficial in animals particularly dogs with an ear infection as it can help prevent infections from reoccurring. However this should be managed on a case by case basis due to the nature of the infection and cause and therefore should be based on instruction from a vet.

My animal has very sensitive skin? Will this product be safe to use?

If your animal has dirty ears with an excessive build-up of wax and discharge this product may be useful to help keep them clean, however any animal with very reactive skin could potentially have a reaction to this product. If the ears are inflamed and sore but clean, we don’t recommend use, and advise consultation with a veterinary surgeon before use.


How many capsules will my pet need?

Dosage is dependent on your pet’s weight. Your vet will be able to advise how many capsules your pet will need.

How long does it take for the product to work?

We would expect to see results in a week or two, and after this period you would expect improvement as time goes on. But this varies depending on age, breed, and severity of changes present.

Is this product suitable for long term use?

Yes this product has been developed to be used for long term periods for both cats and dogs.

What are the benefits of giving this product to my pet?

Our Formulation contains Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, B-Vitamins, Phosphatidylserine and L-carnitine. These ingredients look to help eliminate a degree of oxidative stress which has accumulated with time, trauma or illness.

· Omega 3 fatty acids are key ingredients for cell membrane health.

· The antioxidants protects the neurones against oxidative damage. B-Vitamins may help the brain aid with cognitive function.

·  L-carnitine supports mitochondrial function.

·  Phosphatidylserine (amino acid derivative) helps to maintain normal cell membrane function.

How to you administer the product?

This product is provided in sprinkle capsules which are easy to administer to pets. These can be given whole or sprinkled across food.

What are the main symptoms of cognitive dysfunction in pets?

5 main symptoms generally explained by considering the animal to be losing its ability to understand, recognise change or recall.

  • Activity – reduction in purposeful behaviour. Increased wandering, pacing, restless, decreased exploration, depression.
  • Sleep / wake changes- restless sleeping waking at night, increased daytime and overall sleep.
  • House soiling- decreased or no signalling to go outside- house training is conditioned/learned behaviour.
  • Interaction- altered interest in social contact, decreased greeting behaviour, development of fear, avoidance or aggression, inappropriate vocalisation.
  • Disorientation- less responsive to stimuli, decreased recognition of familiar people, pets and places, getting lost in familiar locations, going to the wrong side of the door when wanting to go outside.
Can it be used alongside other medications?

Yes the product is safe and there are no known contraindications, however we always recommend you discuss this with a veterinary surgeon to ensure appropriate use.


Does lysine help cats with colds?

It thought that L-lysine won’t cure, but it may help prevent or reduce the severity of respiratory conditions in cats.

Why is L-Lysine beneficial for cats?

As an amino acid, Lysine serves as a building block for protein, which plays a key role in carrying out many different bodily functions.

It is important to note that a cat’s body does not make Lysine on its own. Because Lysine for cats is essential for overall health, cats should receive outside sources of this amino acid through food and supplements.  Administration of Lysine to cats that are infected with FHV-1 is associated with a significant reduction in the severity of clinical signs and basal viral shedding. It is believed that Lysine halts the replication of the virus by interfering with another amino acid called arginine, which the virus needs in order to replicate.

How long does it take for the product to take effect?

We recommend that the product is given directly either on a cat’s paw or on food, for one week before periods of stress and for at least 2 weeks afterwards.

Can I take lysine and vitamin C together?

No interactions were found between L-Lysine and Vitamin C. This does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. However it is always best to speak to a Veterinary Surgeon if you are unsure.

Can you get lysine over the counter?

Yes L-Lysine can be purchased over the counter without a prescription even if your pet is not registered at that practice. However we believe vets are best placed to advise the right course of actions for your pet. Whether your cat has had respiratory problems in the past or is showing signs the first time, speak to your vet for advice.

How much lysine can I give my cat?

Our product contains 500g of L-Lysine per 2ml pump which is recommended once daily for cats.

Cats may remain on L-lysine indefinitely.

Is L Lysine good for immune system in cats?

There are various benefits of Lysine for cats as it serves as a building block for protein. It is important to note that the cat’s body does not naturally product lysine.

During respiratory infections L-lysine could help support the immune system by reducing the reproduction and replication of the virus.

What flavour does the product come in?

The product is a poultry flavour gel which can be applied directly to food or placed on the paw.

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