Welcome to the pet supplement company

How do we do it?

the pet supplement company range is developed to be veterinary strength and veterinary quality. We will not compromise with the products we offer.

We keep our costs to a minimum so we can and pass this directly onto veterinary surgeries allowing them to supply more affordable product and protect their business.

The main cost saving that we pass on is in Sales and Marketing. All veterinary brands spend a large proportion of what they generate on marketing their products.  We do not do this. We don’t employ large teams of sales people and we do not attend expensive trade shows.

We also keep our costs low by supplying directly to veterinary surgeries and not through a wholesaler. Because we don’t use a wholesaler we are able to guarantee that the pet supplement company products can continue to be exclusively supplied via veterinary surgeries only.

    Why stock the pet supplement company product range?

    You can reduce your client cost


    And also increase your margin and profitability


    You spend less on stock


    The lower cost can also increase how many of your clients can afford the products.


    Your clients can’t find the products anywhere else so they buy them from you again


    The cheaper price means they are less likely to hunt around for a better deal


    This increases your sales from repeat business


    Your customers are happier making you happier

    the pet supplement company provides

    A Vet exclusive range of products


    Products that are developed with pets in mind. Many of our products will include the same ingredients as the product you are currently using so there is no need to start expensive loading periods again.


    Excellent customer service


    Comprehensive, constantly expanding product range


    FREE support materials, including brochures, posters, social media support. We can even tailor these to the individual veterinary surgery


    Very Low MOQ’s


    No complicated discount schemes


    Ethically sourced and environmentally conscious product range

    Want to compare – We’re here to help

    We have a range of easily accessible, comparison tables comparing our products to most of the major brands. If you would like us to compare to a current product you are using please just ask.

    What will customers gain?

    A quality product at a great price

    The best advice from their surgery

    Ethically sourced products

    All this can be done without compromising what you offer your clients

    These are very unusual and uncertain times and it is becoming more important than ever to look at ways to reduce cost, supply more affordable products and protect your business by retaining or even improving your margins.

    We are very clear in the aims of our product range. We provide veterinary surgeries with products that they can supply to pet owners with the same quality and strength as they are familiar with but without the expensive price.

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